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Life is happening faster.
Huge shifts are the norm.

We're all demanding more quality, transparency, innovation, well-being, and fun. For less time, energy, and money.

Old systems are shattering and new ones have yet to be created.

We have to change the game. Create with passion. Take a Leap!

We owe it to the future.

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play big, inc!

(Yep, Purple Telescope is now playing bigger as Play Big, Inc.)

Why We Do It

Branding 3.0

Branding 3.0

Think of a company you love. One with products and services you choose with confidence and ease and that excites you in some way. One you can passionately advocate for. One you believe is committed to improving your life — and the world — somehow.

We want to help all organizations get (and stay) there. We're inspired by the way branding has and continues to evolve. Brand 3.0 demands that a company's values and culture are omnipresent in all it does, that it consider the perspective of all stakeholders, and that it be propelled by the "why" driving the brand, not simply the tangible "what" it provides or "how" it gets there.

Brand 4.0 is an even more audacious belief that purpose-driven companies/organizations are the conduits to helping us all get more from life in ways

big and small. We applaud the front runners who feel the rewards of moving from an economy of diminishing Extraction to one of Contribution and increasingly offer the social proof to others eager to understand how to get there, too.

Bottom line, our "why" is the absolute belief that passionate organizations (of any size!) make our lives work and feel better – personally, civically and as a planet.

As such, we are focused on building brands that offer both:

Brand Saliency: a purpose that is culturally relevant and meaningful to
our lives – now and in the future.
Brand Velocity:
the energy, momentum and inspired direction that all can feel and participate in.


"A fabulously creative, innovative and insightful approach. It's so great to work with a company who shares the same passion and excitement about your product and industry as you do, and who is constantly pushing you and inspiring you to do and be better."


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