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Life is happening faster.
Huge shifts are the norm.

We're all demanding more quality, transparency, innovation, well-being, and fun. For less time, energy, and money.

Old systems are shattering and new ones have yet to be created.

We have to change the game. Create with passion. Take a Leap!

We owe it to the future.

welcome to

play big, inc!

(Yep, Purple Telescope is now playing bigger as Play Big, Inc.)

Who We Are

Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us

Our Favorite Hangouts

AUSTIN: P Terry's, Mozart’s, Lady Bird Lake
LA: The beach, MOCA, Hotel Erwin

AUSTIN: Cafe Medici, Arthouse, Laguna Gloria
NEW YORK: Freeman's, Brooklyn, Paley Park

AUSTIN: Barton Springs, The Continental Club
NEW YORK: The High Line, Williamsburg

BAY AREA: Mavericks
AUSTIN: Kerbey Lane

Where We'll Be
SXSW Interactive Festival | Austin | March 12-21, 2015, Nancy leading TEDx Meet-up on “Global Playground for Experimentation”

TEDxYouth@Austin | Austin | February 14, 2015: (in)visible

NATO Fall Summit | Los Angeles | November 13, 2014, Nancy giving opening Keynote for Movie Exhibition Industry Leaders 

IOS Dev Camp | San Francisco, August 22, 2014

Virtuoso Week | Las Vegas, August 8-12, 2014

Voice & Exit | Austin | June 21, 2014, Talk on THEBIGSHIFT: a invite to radical leadership

Virtuoso Symposium | Berlin | Nancy on CEO Panel on the New Economy,  April 24, 2014

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